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Band Photographer

On the side of shooting the casual sort of assignments I'm given, lately I've been trusted with creating promotional imagery for local bands. That's a satisfactory goal I can easily say I have asked for. Also, I am honored to shoot a friend's musical project during his EP release show. Other than that, business is booming, creations in the works and what I'm enjoying most is that I'm starting to take steps further out of my comfort zone. Mostly the people I'm given opportunities to work with, and the various assignments depicting emotions I'm not too experienced working with. It's a vague, grey field but I enjoy being given the option as I'm considering it a very skillful task.

Definitely follow me on the gram as I've been making it a primary platform to consistently post images I'm proud of. That's @anthonymichaelphotography ; second most consistent platform is facebook as my page can be found at @AMPhotography.

Pretty excited, as plans have been established and I will be visiting Southern Florida once again this year, hopefully in a couple months. That will be an ideal experience no doubt! Book with me soon, as my open slots are being taken up!

Have a good one guys, and remember, always apply sunscreen!!!

- Anthony

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