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One week

So it's been one week since I've published this site I've been working on for the past couple of months (lots of image archiving to go through). Gotta say I'm finding it much more complimenting for my work than my last website. I'm glad to have commited myself to its development.

Although there is still work I need to add. The images you see on this site are mostly the same works from the last website with a few images noone has ever seen before. Both very old and very new. Pieces certain affiliates of mine have encouraged me to give more exposure. With that in mind, there are still more pieces of work on the way. I'd like to bring progress to a decent point on here before my trip, which is in one week. I'm heading to southern Florida and I'll be there for a few days, with the intention of adding to my bird collection I began from last year, as well as a big change in street and landscape subjects.

Anyways, I'm certain June will be a very busy month for myself. I'll keep everyone posted with the works on its way.

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