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Hello everyone, so I'm officially back from Florida. Loved it. But also glad to be back. I guess thats fair to say right?

Anyways, so I mentioned on my old blog my production project a few months ago, in collaboration with my friends at The Blue Room and my friends with NYCIMINLOVE along with some buddies from college. We had basically conducted an extensive interview on my friend, the local singer, songwriter Drew Torres. He's a great guy but I personally thought he could use some more exposure under his belt so our project was focused on interviewing him, as well as the recent forming of his trio group and the new debut album in the works.

We filmed the interview with some footage of them performing together some of the new material coming soon. Very fun experience, but the project is done and is in the middle of post-production. Performances to be leaked first (who wants to see an interview on an artist you don't know what they sound like?) So that's a big project underway. In the meantime I had posted recovered video footage from his solo two-set performance back in Spring '13 at Fair on the Square, back when we had just begun collaborating. I had actually did a small project on his life blossoming to adulthood for photojournalism project

To digress, I had a very successful shoot with a model I had recently met, and I can safely say a good friend I made. That post-production will be competing with my project on Drew, so they'll probably come out around the same time.

As everyone is reading this, I may already be in the middle of posting the Torres Trio performances, so check back with my youtube channel when you're reading this. Enjoy the summertime,


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