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Small catch up.

Hey everybody, just writing to alert anyone reading this that I've finished post-production on the Drew Torres Trio original music performances. I'll post one here but the rest you can catch on my channel. And subscribe to catch the latest videos I put together, on Drew's Trio and everything else I create.

Also, at this very moment, I am awaiting a delivery. I had recently purchased a new camera body. Or the 5D Mark II more specifically. I'm aware its a pretty old model but I'm no shooter interested in overcompensating my quality of work with the superior powers of a camera quality. My true reason for purchasing is for the upgrade to a full frame sensor. I enjoyed disciplining myself the past few years with my crop frame 7D, but I feel I've overcome any beginner traits and deserve a new standard of quality. Also, with this wedding coming up in August, I'm sure it'd be extremely lovely to have two cameras to my use.

Anyways, keep in touch.

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