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So I finally finished all FOUR Drew Torres Trio performance videos. Check 'em out! We all happen to be mighty comfortable with the outcome. Soon I will be working on videos for Danny's project "Baychester Blues" and finally the Interview video for the Drew Torres Trio. These videos would be coming in quicker if it weren't for prioritized clients. So check these videos out in the meantime.

ALSO I'm finally on Facebook and Instagram (which is generally the same thing) but the IG account I can't share yet. On my pages you will find the icon that leads you to my facebook. This way we can all communicate!

Mid July I had a client for a cultural baby naming ceremony (newborn twins) and it was mighty fun meeting a new crowd over in Jersey. I anticipate hearing from them in the future as its obvious how much of lovely people they are to work with. Also, yesterday I had performed my services for a Sweet 16. My friend Raquel's daughter Brianna recently turned sixteen and had a lovely get together with all of her family. Saw some familiar faces and met lots of new people. It was lovely, although me in a crowd of very young adults isn't something I'm used to so it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Haha, nonetheless great dancing. The post-production on that job will most likely take up to two weeks with how many images I ended up taking (>1K).

Btw, this Tuesday is my grand adventure to Bear Mountain. Me and a close friend will be biking from the Bronx to Bear Mountain, NY. After doing it last year, we familiarized ourselves with our mistakes and this time perfected the planning. Also we would be staying out there for a night to make the trip back the following day. Total distance we're looking at is 110 miles, BUT I'll let you know if it results in a different amount.

I think I may have said too much here so CHEERS.

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