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Falling behind

Hello there, everyone!

I can't believe a month has already passed. My school semester has begun at the same time as my new job. Nonetheless I'm making plenty of room for clients. Last Saturday, my friend Drew Torres and his buddies along with their affiliated band Baychester Blues (whom I had also filmed and put together a video for a couple of their hits) played a show together at NYC's infamous spot "The Shrine" in West Harlem. I was impressed of how it was organized being that they had all sets streamed for fans who couldn't make it. Either way I was the shooter for the evening and those images will be uploaded soon through both flickr and instagram, so stay updated!

Wednesday night I was also a work-for-hire photographer for Top Chef's culinary event. Fun evening, as I met new people, although I was under instruction to use their equipment. I am able to attain the images, however. Coming up soon (tomorrow) I will be shooting a metal band's concert performance. In Blackthorn 51, the notorious venue in Elmhurst Queens, several bands are playing to open up for the lively band "Agnostic Front" who hasn't been in the city for a couple of decades. So yes I'd say it is a big deal. Wish me luck as I'm not used to shooting in violent settings. :x

My fanbase has been growing lately, and people are getting a sense of my work through my social media. I hope everyone is doing well lately, and we'll stay in touch! Take care, everybody.

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