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I'm alive!

just to assure I'm still well and shooting. Lately I've been growing more inspired and motivated to keep shooting during my down time. Best of all I'm working with more portraits like I wanted so I'm pretty satisfied.

What I wanted to post was to announce a favorite assignment for the year so far, I had filmed a live set of my dear friend John Black and his backing band. John has been an acoustic artist for quite some time as he writes alternative, acoustic sounds. This set happened to feel more of an impact than usual with his backing band. Either way, the best of the set was uploaded and I'm proud to share it. Unfortunately I wasn't capable of capturing audio so keep that in mind when watching.

On top of that, me and my work buddy Mike Berrios from The Blue Room are in the works of making more closed studio recording, audio and video combined, to promote local bands, as we have plenty of musicians in mind to ask.

In other news, my project with The Drew Torres Trio is coming to an end. Their album is almost done and my interview vids of them (surprise!) are set to be released shortly after. When I'm done with them I'll be promoting like crazy. Anyways, sorry for going so long without updating most. Most of my following tend to have more personal of contacting means with me so please excuse me. Keep in touch everyone!

- Anthony

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