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Summer Ends

So to start off, I had an extremely eventful summer. Freelance work, personal ambitions, a big change up at work, and many fun memories with the people I enjoy to be around. Just a week ago I had returned from my second home, South Florida. Tons of fun with my wife, driving through the most desolate of towns and glossiest of cities. Definitely a lot of fun but I'm thinking its time I take it somewhere west next vacation break. Love Florida, but I've explored most of what I wanted to. I don't doubt one bit I'll still find some time to visit again despite all that I'm saying!

So I've decided to do more studio shoots than usual (usually being never..) and I had the opportunity to do headshots, which I'm working on mastering at the moment. Photoshop I tell you. You get to learn all you're capable of, and then you become a pefectionist. Lol I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I hope I'm relaying some people to follow me on Flickr and instagram. I only put the best work on here, and everything under ends up on those two platforms. This way you guys can view some personality!

One idea I'm highly considering for the future, something to help share a month's images to many of my fans. Create an e-mail list and send a monthly newsletter of a recent addition to my imagery collection..or in other words images I recently captured. It seems like a good next step idea, even if it means coming off as annoying at times. Hahaha, just kidding.

One last point to mention, something I've incorporated into my retouching workflow, being that I'm already a huge Adobe fan, Lightroom Mobile! Helps me out when it comes to deadlines. So I think you should try it too.

That's about it for now, here is a short video of Drew Torres Trio playing a summer pool party. Just a fun experience to be around. Meant to be an amateur look, as this wasn't an assignment.

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