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Ending the year/Live Performance gigs

Hey everyone! Got pretty deep into winter trying to wrap up my withstanding projects and assignments. Once you get hit with the cold harsh winds and the rough snow/rain you really want to do your shooting inside which adds some limitations. What I worked on last was a multicam clip of Baychester Blue's live performance at The Bitter End. I can guarantee more are to come with a couple other acts over the holidays.

Also with my revived love for film, I purchased my first medium format film camera, a Yashica-D, which makes shooting so much more fun and unconditionally weightless. Which is probably what you'll see most of in my latest images.

My portraiture will be shot indoors and in studios over the next couple of months. Although I'm currently putting together plans for certain models in the warmer months. I take potential locations and models I'd like to work with and I pair them together with certain themes for properly composed portraits. I like my portraits themed and with depth and if I'm serious as I'd like to think I am I feel I should add flavor to them. The portrait game is an ever growing style I notice. Haha, well there are plans in the works for the future as always, and as eventful and generous 2017 treated me I feel I should take more advantage of the upcoming year.

Make sure to check my instagram for some creative images, and lets schedule some sessions for next year! Here is a video of BB at the Bitter End from my youtube account. To see similar videos check out my channel!

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