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My year.

I hate to sound like that guy, but this year deffinitely sounds like my year. Not a year for me to take off but to just gain a significant amount of recognition and business. February and March I spent advertising April as a New Yorker sale. Offering low price Photography packages for majority of portrait needs. I had just finished delivering images from an Engagement Photoshoot but I will have to hold off publishing them here as I am currently on my way to the studio for a portrait session on a upcoming aspiring professional actress. A few more assignments during this month are on the way as well. But overall I'm just feeling a little less sane and a whole lot better. My optimism is peaking at the new opportunities on the way and it just feels like a load of freedom. For immediate notification of my projects and my side shooting (for my pleasure) follow me on instagram. Or you can just view my home page as I have just added a new widget sharing my latest IG feed.

Be back soon, wish me luck!

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