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Images up-to-date

So I've taken the time lately to update my portfolio here along with my Flickr page. Not sure how many people use Flickr anymore honestly but I like it a ton. On this website I post THE best images from most collections. On Instagram I post the greater images from almost all my bodies of work, also reposting, throwback images and images to show what I've been up to. Flickr for me has a very unique role in my images. Because of its nature, I post almost everything, every collection I make you see 2 to 50 images of it. So its almost like BTS images except they're not behind the scenes but more like all the images I feel are worthy to be seen. Basically every image I had a hard time choosing between when coming down to a "best" image, being that I'm not too great at that.

Also, while on this mass upload, I realized not only did I shoot alot last year, but I failed to mention my newest camera investment. Wanting to get into using a twin lens reflex since learning of Japan-based Photographer Rinko Kawauchi (huge influence for fine-art poetry style photography) I had purchased a Yashica-D medium format camera. I was skeptical at first whether I would actually use it as much as I would like to, being that it doesn't have a built in light meter like I'm used to with any camera I've ever used. I found a great liking for it and it reinvented my approach to street shooting altogether, even though I'm taking rough guesses when firing away. The film is beautiful, the colors are perfect and the aesthetic of my complex emotions I feel are present in each picture. Wouldn't sell it for the world. This also sparked up my interest to use my 35mm Canon A-1 which I have a ton of history with. The one thing I'm not too big on with the Yashica is nothing to do with the camera itself but more of the incessant attention I receive, usually with "is that a camera??". At first I was more than happy to show it off, but after a while of repeating it I've gotten tired of explaining, as with most people and anything. So I think I'll get a case for it.. LOL

One more thing, after a bit of renovation on this site, I'm having the idea maybe to get rid of the Still Life, P&S and Projects folder. I love my latest work but I'll always have fond memories of my early days, which makes it hard to clear out my oldest images in the other tabs. But hopefully Flickr can help out at least with these three folders for now. Would love feedback if you're willing to make the effort reaching out.

Anyways, cheers!

- Anthony

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