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Where did the time go?? Seriously I can't believe how the past few months flew by. I did aspire to grow this year and I did do some growing. Lots of business came my way, I jumped into other's projects, and I led my own projects. Lots of social interaction I've done and ever since have been so thrilled to meet such fine creatives out there. And I had so much fun doing so! My recent goal has been the resurrection of my neighborhood's underground music scene. I had a great deal of involvement in it and have agreed to stick with their exposure. It's a big deal for us Bronx natives as we are attempting to recreate the legacy that was a huge part in our growing years for the enjoyment of the younger generation. My favorite part is that it keeps kids off the streets like they did with me as I feel the kids need that more than ever.

Other than that I was just very active the summer months and right about now is where it'll start to slow down, yet somehow it hasn't!! However I will comment that my time struggle has become a seriously continuous experience. As great as it feels, I had enrolled to continue my college education (in a different major) in September so my workload so far is very crowded as my responsibilities wrestle for my time. I don't like complaining but to be modest I think its necessary to mention. There have been moments where either my photography or my schoolwork was compromised and I was not anticipating it to be so challenging, especially when I'm part-time. Luckily the semester is almost over, but as of now I am intentionally slowing down my business intake (with the help of the overembraceful freezing cold winds) to focus on sharpening my grades. It's just such a guilty conscience to temporarily put down my loving passion. Never thought it would come to this but it's one part of my life that can wait.

This year's pursuits have been a huge defining era in my career and I feel I accomplished more than any other year. I wish I could show you my archive for this year. One thing I opened up to was paying my models. Whether their policy or just my generosity, I didn't know they could be so professional and helpful for much more demanding roles. Also I incorporated more dreamy and aesthetically pleasing effects to my edits. An incredible opportunity of mine was shooting on set of a short film in May (which I may have mentioned) and that just gave me such a great feeling of reaching brand new heights. If anything, Event Photography has been one of my least performed services, which I could feel worse about but my rustiness showed when working with Bronx Underground. So it'll be a task of mine to keeping that skill set up to date.

In other news, not much has really changed, other than my lovely little summer trip to Atlanta (you've probaly seen on my timeline) which was a ton of fun and a cozy home detox plan. Oh and recently me and my girlfriend have signed the papers on a new car! I'm looking at ways it can help me with my photo business, which will probaly be a little time from now. I'm excited at that fundraising potential it carries being a hybrid vehicle which has been a dream of mine to own. So this is another border push you may be seeing soon! But as of now, Photog Ant is settling down for brighter grades, hectic holidays and ultimately just climbing out of insanity. Thanks to anyone who keeps up with my work or let alone reads these! I'm proud to be a public entity sharing my thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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