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My upcoming trip to LA

So April 30th my girlfriend and I are departing for Los Angeles for the first time. A trip I've been putting off since 2015 (since I always wait too long to commit). My agenda out there is still being arranged but ultimately it is a pleasure trip. A family member will be getting married on the 4th in Burbank and we found that a reason to head out there. An old co-worker I stay connected to is also out in Ontario so I plan to spend time with him. Other things include attending the first Photoville that will occur there, attending Vegfest to eat delicious food and watch educational speakers I look up to, and I may just fit in a helicopter ride and/or a concert while I'm out there. I intended to make the trip affordable and basic but I am currently looking for model collaborations to have while there. If you know any people or places you'd like to recommend please let me know. I'll be there for two weeks so I am all ears!

Over the winter I've been doing an exceptional amount of exploring. One big goal that I achieved was attaining my own car. Something I skipped by mentioning in my last entry. It's my first so its a pretty unreal experience but I love it! It's a hybrid vehicle so it isn't costly with its maintenance or gas for that matter. Either way I fit in a decent amount of adventures through the blistering cold and I plan to fit in more through the next few months. My options for accepting jobs just expanded widely so I should most likely be much more busy.

The beginning of the year was a bit stressful with my macbook pro dying out on me. I replaced it and recovered a large majority of files from its hard drive. Everything was saved EXCEPT my updated resume. Ironic, huh? It was a version ready for when I'd be ready to leave my current 9-5 job, which is right now really. Also I had changed my domain name to something a little more sightly so my main priorities are creating a resume from scratch and creating a new business card design (which getting inspiration for can be rough!). Two things that take time and can be taking away time from my creative process. Nothing worse than that feeling that bigger priorities are stopping you from shooting, editing or just finishing imaging projects. So my content creating is at risk of being slowed down.

What's on the agenda for today? So lately I realized I've been pretty interested in the "instameets" and the pop-up shops exploding in my city. They make for impressive lighting and productive social interacting. Also the old photojournalist part of me has been reaching through to keep tabs on public events to drop by. Today I plan to visit my first pillow fight for regular documentary style shooting and I intend to stop by the Bronx pride event happening only a mile from my house. There seems to be a portrait based instameet in Coney Island later on too I'm excited to see happen.

Either way, I hope the next couple of months go smooth! Wish me luck!

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