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Life upon returning.

SO I had the time of my life out in Los Angeles. Definitely saw more and felt so much out of the trip it was overwhelming. It felt for a second that it wouldn't end with how long I was there. Something about coming back, it started to sink in that the trip on its own made me gain perspective. I feel mentally older and able to focus on the bigger picture. The experiences were incredibly fun, only disappointment was really the flakiness of people I wanted to connect with out there. However it could be worse and I got all I needed seeing my good friend Steve out there. He used to be my co-worker at my current side job. I promised him since he left two years ago that I'd visit him someday.

Upon my return I was immediately hit with Photo assignments. From my friends to co-workers to fellow bands that like working with me. I planned one photo-filled week and this week I plan to spend it editing and planning my following week. So far I've been strongly considering diving into bigger ideas and one of them is investing in a photo inkjet printer. One reason I've strongly stood away from putting my images onto paper is that I have horrible bad luck with printers. Like prints never coming out right, ink being inconsistent, repairs frequently needed. Yeah college was a tough time for me. Anywho I've been looking at printers as one quality I've disliked about my work is that it only exists in megabytes and computer pixels (except for my negatives, obviously). So that is something I'm currently saving up for, this way I can offer something special and unique to my clients and possibly leave a lasting impression.

Other than that, it's about to hit summer, the weather feels great and I've yet to install my air conditioner! Lol sorry thought I'd throw in something not so serious. If I had to predict what my work will consist of over the next few months, there should be some creative productive work in the making, hopefully conceptual. There will be underground concert photography and of course plenty of portraits thrown in. And of course look out for my several hundred images from my trip! If you're reading these prior to inquiring on a project, fill me in what you have in mind as brain storming on ideas is a fun activity for me and with my additional resources this year of models, cheap studios, interesting props and scouted locations I'm looking to throw in flair to make some magic in New York City mid-heat wave. That's all for now, bonus points of respect for anyone who reads my notes to myself and good luck dealing with this heat. Remember, drink plenty of water and always wear sunscreen!!!!!!

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