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Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunfire treason and plot. I know of no reason the gunfire treason shall ever be forgot.

Anywho! So my life was completely overcome by change since I came back from LA. Different elements have entered in front of my lens. Until I broke it! LOL as funny as I find it I am very serious when I say this. In a couple of days it will be serviced in the repair center along with my camera body which needs some serious cleaning. Making this month an official hiatus! I am taking this month to relax with shooting and instead to get my shit together! The summer had brought into light some demons of mine, and through some heavy magnification on my comfort zone I had changes brought upon me. Overall for the best, really.

So I moved! Officially in Manhattan (well Washington Heights) and its a temporary move. Probably just over the winter but who knows! Regardless, I took off some days from work and went on a couple of trips. I took a road trip to northern Massachusetts to see an array of old faces I began to miss dearly. A lot of images were taken, even on my film camera. After another week of being back in the city, I departed again, this time on a flight to Puerto Rico. And on the first day I had damaged my lens during a time lapse. So yes I've been using my camera more than usual lately.

A big reason for wanting a break was because of how backed up I am in images. Too many to work on yet not enough time to show anybody! Don't get me wrong, they're not from paid jobs at all. I don't go past two weeks for clients anyways. I'm referring to my personal images. My trips, my projects through the year, and now this array of trips I went on. I want to show the same love to my negative slides too. Hopefully they don't eat too much of my time, as I also need to start searching for a new side job. Additionally a new apartment would be nice too! Not that theres anything wrong with my current one, I just know my time here is limited. On the bright side there are appropriate conditions to focus on my work (and I have a gym down the block so now I'm officially on my gains ;).

I know I've been distant, its kind of what happens when you get sucked into constant work. But I'm around! And happy to work on things when I make my comeback. Reach out to me anytime people! And stay warm the next couple of months. :x

Venice Beach

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