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Amidst the pandemic

Hey gang! Its been a little while since I made any blog entries. Right about now the world is enduring some Pandemic measures with this spreading virus. I've been indoors for the most part getting back into image editing and well focusing on my nutrition/hydration. Sparking creativity is a real challenge right about now with stress on the border of my thoughts.

Each year's beginning I struggle just how I'm gonna get back into shooting and this year has been the toughest given that I took a break for personal reasons. I took pictures of one music-related event in February and I had my first portrait session of the year two weeks ago. The year's beginning involved the purchase of a new lens, the 50mm f/1.2L and I just had to discipline myself with another prime lens. I felt disconnected and rusty but my fellow photographers know what the post-production thought process is like. You see some vibrant colors, alluring eyes and enchanting demeanors and suddenly you're determined to bring out the absolute best elements of what makes it so captivating.

There were also some personal collections and some projects I conducted with some friends without any due dates that I wanted to work on but needed the creative threshold for the best results. One of them being multiple exposure portraits blended with macro images of flowers. I need the model's consent to publish these works first and foremost given that it was her idea that rendered those images. But she's deeply involved in her own works so there might be some time before I get an answer. Since we're good friends though chances are with enough time I'll be posting them anyways. She mostly approves my creative direction which makes this more assuring.

I have a pretty solid idea of what image I want to create to be on my new business cards. Its gonna be a little complicated to pull off but I'm determined it'll be done. My old business cards need to be replaced since I changed my domain name. So thats pretty important.

In other news of my life, I had reservations to visit Montreal this May with my adventuring mate Matt. I'm really hoping travelling isn't banned at that time given that I have a photo bucket list of images to take. But heres hoping! However, given this dramatic decrease in flight prices lately I'm trying to restrain myself from impulse buying this year's trips, given that travelling isn't a certain possibility at the moment, so I'll hold off as much as it hurts! :'(

Things are pretty grim in this country lately and I'm hopeful things will ease up and return to a somewhat decent version of "normal" until things fall apart the next time. I'm not too mad at it all since it always felt inevitable that a time like this would come and affect our lives. Regardless I advise everyone stay sanitary, sober, well-fed and well-rested as long as you can, despite the temptation to resist any of that, or even worse if you feel incapable of being able to pull any of it off. Its best we treat our bodies at their best performing conditions as long as we have to stay alert and aware of our surrounding environments. These upcoming times define our fates.

Best of luck to you, whoever is reading this. I love you. And remember, it makes a difference to be true, honest, optimistic and spreading smiles wherever you go. Do good, die great.

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