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Happy 2024!

I hope everyone has been doing alright! Apologies for yet another long awaited blog post. I think I've fully come to terms with my inability to keep up regularly scheduled blog posts to be honest lol but on the bright side I've been mentally cooking up this one with intentions to type it out for some time. A good deal of things happened since my last check-in but the level of occupied I've been cruising at the past few months has been overwhelming to say the least. Still I am grateful for anyone that chooses to hear about any of it or reads any of my blogs!

Primarily, since the start of my newest side job July 2022, I've been working relentlessly there and putting in my time and energy into tech sales and tech support to which its grown into my full time job. The lessons learned there do support this career journey but leaves little time for me to practice artistic projects during these times. This doesn't mean I'm no longer conducting photo sessions, but instead takes a toll on my schedule's availability (and my energy) for photography and thus puts photography in the backseat.

With that said, I had finally gone through with a decision I've delayed for so long. Pulled the trigger on acquiring a film scanner! Its been noticed how much film photography I've practiced over the past couple of years, so it only makes sense. There were many images salvaged from my past that were truly worth saving and many images taken lately that deserve some recognition. Now with this asset, I can actively shoot in film and besides developing times (since I still visit a resource for that) I am able to do full projects on film. So thats pretty exciting! Also, while on that note, I had turned in prints of various film photographs for a small exhibition in the meatpacking district, in which it was on display for a weekend and exposed me to various other talented artists in the area. Since then, I've been offering those very prints for sale. They are smaller images of great print quality and without a frame so the prices are very reasonable. Don't hesitate to contact me to see the selection. :)

Last year I set out to do more travelling and I had a blast! Late July, me and my partner visited downtown Montreal (a trip attempted since pre-covid) for a week! Early August, my best friend and I visited his family in Tampa for another week and mid-September I took my mother on a cruise to the tropics for her birthday. Lots of images were taken (you already know this) and incredibly memorable experiences were made. I do look forward to doing further exploration of the Quebec province though.

The photo jobs I had done last year were few and fun. Back in March I had a baptism to shoot which was incredibly exciting. Just recently (with nothing to show for it unfortunately) I had taken social photos (posed) of participants for a Dominican cultural event in my neighborhood for my client who was hosting it all. Surprise guests by the Merengue artist Fernandito Villalona and the President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader.

Concert photography has been loud and proud with Funk and Electronic artists, and due to my contributions with JBelly's belly dance group in the previous year, I was honored with the task of capturing their float last year in the NYC Dance Parade. It was definitely a challenge for me as it was for them as well. The day was pouring rain from start to finish and I'm proud to see that they had not given up. Same goes for my equipment. Lol

I've noticed since I got back from all the trips that theres a great deal of rainstorms happening in my city and its pretty discouraging. To plan around it all is a headache and first thing on one's mind is making sure their home and themselves are kept safe. I actually wanted to write this blog in early November even as I was wrapping up a very busy season. However something happened that delayed a lot of things. Unfortunately my apartment was affected by a building fire a couple of floors directly below me. I am so grateful the fire nor the firefighters damaged any of my equipment. Only things broken were my walls and invaluable little belongings. Everything else was just covered in soot and smoke for a while as I cleaned up after the mess and construction crews rebuilt my walls after some time, however facilitating a creative and productive environment was pretty difficult in the meantime. Luckily recreating my safe space of a home studio came just in time for the holidays and I needed the holidays to relax from that stress.

This year will definitely be rooted in change, much more beyond myself, and I can't wait for what lies in store, good or bad. This last year has challenged me in ways I wasn't expecting. I had become 30 last year (about to hit 31 in 2 days) and as my photography journey has been relentlessly unravelling, my body has definitely started to feel its age. I endured few neck strains, pinching of nerves, arm, wrist and knee pain and back pain of sorts. Some were caused by reasonable actions like a close call car accident that caused a form of whiplash and not being physically ready to carry and push a full couch out of my apartment; some were unprovoked instances. Its been humbling, as I don't indulge in unhealthy habits to be quite honest, but it serves as a reminder to stretch through an active lifestyle, and even beyond photography I am active in my everyday pursuits.

Anyways, I wish everyone the best in these coming months, and please don't be shy to contact me, maybe to send me some of your work for my reaction. Maybe we can share with each other random pictures we're proud of, maybe to go photographing together one day, or maybe just to chat and get to know our processes in more detail! One of my favorites is just meeting at either one's house/studio or a common space and just editing near each other to make that productive time better accompanied and well spent. This photo experience never has to be alone, and I'm always interested in what others make of it.

Nonetheless, be safe! And keep romanticizing this life.



Ushra Maz
Ushra Maz
Jan 11

Sooo cute. Love to see some updates! Hope this year is great to you and your close ones. Thank you for your beautiful work and kindness always. We all appreciate you. Onwards and upwards my friend!!

Jan 11
Replying to

Thank you sis! I appreciate your support and I wish you a joyous and successful year ahead of you. May all your endeavors come to fruition. 😊

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