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Can't believe I let myself get this distant. Sorry fans of mine. I have this habit where sometimes I can go long durations without checking in. At least with my readers (clients I'm always in constant communication, however). During this time spent away consumed by the rolling hills of my life events I have come to realize I'm not the kind to maintain a blog. I try to make it work so you guys can hear from me and what I'm about lately. Remainder of 2020 was pretty different for me. For some time it was a trial of carefree worry as I set sail on my transition to a better me. Its funny how your worries can shape you, and how you don't realize how much until you put the worries on hold. Well I was growing a blossoming new love I'm happy to be apart of now. Additionally I was re-examining my professional workflow with my photography practice. My second job needed some revision so that I'm happy where I work. Changes generally needed to happen. But needless to say I'm still heavily interested in the artistic side of everything. Whatever experiences can enrich my vision.

This website will soon feature newer images. Things over the course of last year that hasn't reached enough of an audience. Including my Valentine's day 2021 project I had conducted. You'll find that on my instagram feed as it was made up of couples engaging in a romantic activity in a pandemic era. It makes more sense when you see it but be aware the ironic humor was intended! Other than that, investing in a printer has been a thought lately. I feel like first I would need to start seeing an increase in customer inquiry. But it'd sure make a lovely addition to my business. Cutting out the need to visit a printing service.

In case you're wondering where this picture was taken.. its the view from Bear Mountain. Really popular spot! Its quite the hike but you climb up the face of the mountain and it leads you to the top. Pretty straightforward, however moderate difficulty. I would bring water and knee guards lol since its a bit straining on the knees (lots of steps). Other than that, not so much to share at this point in time. I hope you guys spread the word though! I am back for business (even though I never left) now that I'm capable of taking in more business. Competitive market out there but am looking forward to the projects to come. Be well this spring everyone. Remember, drink water, moisturize and sunscreen! Haha, I'll stop now. :)



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